The story of Bakgatla Ba Kgafela Investment Holdings (“BBKIH”)

BBBKIH was borne out of the need to manage the assets that the tribe had accumulated over the years, develop them and then grow and diversify the portfolio.  Bakgatla Ba Kgafela (“BBK”) acquired an interest in the Union Section mine together with Anglo American Platinum in 2006.  The acquisitiion was a strategic one.  Union section mine is on BBK land and a significant percentage of the workforce there are Bakgatla.  The investment in Union section led to other investments in the platinum sector.  An investment in Platmin which was eventually rolled into Sedibelo Platinum in which BBK has a 26.7% shareholding.  These two investments constitute 98% of the commercial portfolio of the tribe. Read more …

BBKIH Investments

  • 15% of Union Section Mine together with Anglo American Platinum
  • 26.7% of Sedibelo Platinum – other shareholders include Pallinghurst and the IDC
  • 40% of Siyaya TV
  • 5% of African Ivory Holdings who own Ivory Tree Lodge and Sheperds Tree Lodge in the Pilanesburg National Park